Friday, February 21, 2003

Gettin' some ink done Obviously some people out there still weren't sure if Mike Tyson was clinically insane or not. That's why he got a new facial tattoo, just to clear things up with the non-believers. And he says it's not even done yet! Why doesn't he just get "PSYCHO" in big red letters on his forehead? The new tattoo is a Maori warrior symbol. His other tattoos are of Arthur Ashe and Mao Zedong. Their families should sue. A tennis player, a communist leader, and now a tribal symbol. And I know every guido in New York is like, "What an idiot! A tribal tattoo?" (Note: in case you didn't know, every guido in NY has a tribal tattoo. It's mandatory.) And then he's at a press conference with his 9-month-old, NIBBLING ON HIS ARM. This guy makes Michael Jackson look like father of the year. If someone is deliberately getting impregnated with Mike Tyson's baby, then I'm embarrassed to be of the same species as her. I really am.


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