Wednesday, February 05, 2003

I've noticed a lot of people wearing berets around Manhattan lately, especially men. This upsets me, mostly because I take pride in French bashing. It's one of the things I value most as an American. I don't want any of their culture being infused here. Hopefully they disappear quickly (the berets and the French). The great thing about French bashing is it's not considered racism. Americans can say anything about the French and we don't have to worry about some activist group coming out and saying it's wrong, cuz they probably all hate the French as well. I could say they were a bunch of croissant eating, non-bathing, Jerry Lewis loving, Nazi surrendering, rude arrogant assholes and no one would care. That's also one of the reasons we're not so fond of Canada. Do ya think we'd bash Canada if blacks or Hispanics predominantly lived there? Hell no, cuz that would be rascist. Go ahead, insult the French. It feels good and you know it.


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