Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Golden Age's Gym In an attempt to go during a less crowded time, I went to the gym at school this morning at about 8:45, after my first class (yes, I have a class at 7:25, and yes, I know that sux). Although it was pretty empty, I found that one group took up an obvious portion of those there: old people. Something about watching old people work out is just not enjoyable. Oh wait, it's beacuse they're old. And this is a school gym. Where are they coming from? And of course I overheard them complaining about stuff. Not many know this, but old people actually write a list in the morning of all the things they're going to complain about that day. The weather is always first on the list; no matter what it's like, the elderly find something wrong with it. Then other miscellaneous things fill the rest of the day's agenda: young people, how young people act, dress, and how "it wasn't like that in my day." Don't forget how they don't understand new technology. Stop living in the past already. Those days are over, deal with it.


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