Sunday, April 13, 2003

Iron Balls I know it's only April, but I think it's time to give the award out for "Having the Biggest Balls in the World," also called the Ballsys. It's gotta go to this guy, the Iraqi information minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf. This guy magically disappeared this week, so to accept it on his behalf will be anyone but Michael Moore. But talk about the balls on this guy. "The infidels are committing suicide by the hundreds on the gates of Baghdad," he said, right before the gates were looted. We all know the government lies, but this guy is some piece of work. Just keeps lying and lying about stuff we already know is true. Funny yet sad. Imagine the things he tells his wife. "No, honey, I am not nailing your best friend in our bedroom you just walked into. That is not true. In fact, you are not in the house at all. You are at the hardware store, shopping for the glue gun you saw them use on "Trading Spaces." Men everywhere don't look so bad anymore by comparison. By the way, past Ballsy winners include O.J. Simpson, "psychic" John Edward, Bill Clinton, and the parents of Jon Benet Ramsey.


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