Saturday, April 05, 2003

Seeing SARS This SARS disease is some serious crap. It's killed 85 people in Canada and Asia. And now it's in New York. Just great. Of course if I noticed a person coughing at work today, I immediately thought, "This moron better not have it." Henry Niman, an instructor of surgery at Harvard University's Medical School, said SARS is essentially giving U.S. officials "a dry run for bioterrorism." Thanks, Henry, really. It's great we're getting this practice for bioterrorism. We can't just worry about this now, we're still thinking bigger. Get a little pre-game shoot around goin. Some swings in the batting cage. Let's just cure the damn thing, alright. This is some serious shit. No one knows how it originated, either, but it started showing up in China. I'm surprised Bush hasn't linked it to Communism by now. They already thought of linking it to terrorism.


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