Tuesday, April 22, 2003

When does "Temptation Island" Come Back? Another piece of false reality TV bullshit hit the airwaves last night, this time in the form of Fox’s “Mr. Personality.” In this new load of crap, a woman has to pick a guy based solely on personality. Just so no striking good looks get in the way, all the men have to wear masks. To top it all off, Monica Lewinsky is the host (she should be hosting Fox’s other new reality show, “Miss Suck Down that Sausage Before My Wife Gets Home"). The woman had to cut 10 guys from the show already, but that really wasn’t enough. They’re all really creepy. One guy said he wanted her to be on his motorcycle when he breaks 200 mph. Another guy gave her these ceramic frogs. Fox can sure pick the winners, huh? Some started crying when it was announced they had to leave the show, which is really pathetic. You know the woman for about one day, and you’re crying over her? Get a life. It’s a fucking game show. They showed what all the contestants looked like to the home audience, and I must say, that is gonna be one disappointed lady when the mask finally comes off. I’m not gay or anything, but these guys weren’t exactly big man on campus material. The woman can still see their lips and eyes, so I know she’s gonna make comments like “He has nice lips” and crap. Either that or “His mask is sooo hot. It’s green color really matches his eyes nicely.” I’m sure at least one of them has some dark secret, like maybe he shacked up with a farm animal for some web site. And still does. What they should really have is “Mr. Penis Size.” Tell some woman the member sizes of 20 guys before even meeting them face to face and see if she falls for the one with the three-incher.


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