Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Back from outer space I went upstate for Memorial Day weekend and I got back today (well now it's yesterday). Upstate New York is completely different from New York City. For instance: NYC--> Lots to do Upstate--> Nothing to do And that’s it. It’s really boring up there, and I don’t see how the locals can stand it. The most exciting thing to do seemed to be going to Wal-Mart. There are all these little towns with populations lower than the whole viewership of “Watching Ellie.” Every house looks beat up and uninhabitable, but people live there. And at the end of every town is a cemetery of the people who used to live in that town. Even at death they can’t escape. Another difference: NYC--> Lots of different looking people Upstate--> Hickville, USA You’d think the people upstate would be somewhat similar to city folk, but they’re not. Flannel jackets and John Deere caps are all the rave up north. Great to where while driving your pick-up truck. I kinda wish someone had just given me a “you’re not from around here, are ya, boy?” That would have been great. Also: NYC-->Strangers give you the finger Upstate--> Strangers wave to you I really don’t like these places where ya gotta wave to total strangers to be polite or whatever. Too much of a hassle. Hell I don’t like to make eye contact with people on the train, let alone talk to them. Leave me alone. No need to welcome me into town, I’m just a weird city slicker. Avoid me like the plague. After all, how come I’m not carrying a rifle? Which brings me to the next issue… NYC--> Some people have guns Upstate--> Everyone has a gun You say you’re from NY, and foreigners tell you not to shoot them. But people in the city really don’t have that many guns (excluding drug dealers, cops, and other intimidating fellows) Upstate, you just know everyone has a gun. Although they can be polite, they’re also packin’ heat. Don’t steal anyone’s tractor, or you’ll regret it. This is probably how the whole waving to strangers thing got started, to show you weren’t gonna shoot’em. “Not gonna shoot, see?” “Yup, me neither.” Anyway, I gotta go unpack my stuff from Wal-Mart.


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