Monday, May 05, 2003

Crap is the Word! It looks like they're gonna make "Grease 3," set in the 70's. It's a good thing, too, after the box office smash "Grease 2: Eugene's Revenge," fans have been eagerly awaiting the last installment of the Grease trilogy. Expect some secrets to arise from the characters' pasts: Danny Zuko is actually an alien sent to destroy the Earth (Note: I don't feel like wasting my life watching "Battlefield Earth," so I just assume that's what Travolta does in that stellar film). Olivia Newton-John will fight Courtney Cox-Arquette and Jada Pinkett-Smith among others in a hyphenated last name battle royale. Rizzo=Lesbo Frenchy will be recast as a new character, "Freedomy" Frankie Avalon comes back as the Teen Angel but this time in the form of a fat black woman. Greased Lightening is now an artificially intelligent robot and goes by the name KITT, voiced by Don Knotts.


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