Saturday, May 10, 2003

Living in a Copyright Paradise Eminem isn't going to let Weird Al Yankovic do a video for his new song, "Couch Potato." The song is a parody of Slim Shady's "Lose Yourself." Having Weird Al do a parody of you is like a rite of passage for music artists. You know you've made it big when he wants to change your song into one about food, "Star Wars," or the Amish. He's gonna let him do the song just fine, but no video? That's messed up. He also can't release the song as a single. It shows once again how Eminem can dish it out but can't take it. I better watch what I say, though. Don't wanna wind up on the next Slim album. "Barely qualifies as news, ya gonna lose, your site I'm gonna sue, You're nobody, you're on Mars, Gonna hit you worse than a Chinese guy with SARS" That was sad, I know. Weird Al's new album will also have parodies of songs by Avril Lavigne and Nelly. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel.


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