Thursday, May 29, 2003

Really, I'm not this narcissistic Today is comedian Bon Hope's 100th birthday. But is that really such a big deal? He's 100, and though that's pretty old, what's he gonna do now? Is he gonna climb Mount Everest? No. Swim the English Channel? No. Watch reruns of "Three's Company" while drooling on his golf club? Very likely. He'll get some presents and a "Happy Birthday" from Willard Scott, and ya won't hear about him again til he kicks the bucket. Which brings me to the issue at hand: it's almost my 21st birthday! Clearly I've got a lot more things to accomplish, and will not be watching any "Three's Company" reruns anytime soon (well, ya never know). Attention should turn to me and what I'll be doing this summer with my newfound right to puke in an alleyway. Should be a lot more exciting than the life of a 100-year-old. I'm curious as to how it'll turn out, and you should be too.


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