Monday, May 12, 2003

Review I went with my family to a restaurant yesterday for Mother's Day. The place, Il Forneto, was in Sheepshead Bay and I advise no one in that area to go there. Ever. First of all, we had a 2 o'clock reservation. We don't get seated til 2:45 cuz they had to give us this table that these people were sitting at, and they weren't getting up. They weren't even eating, just having a blast while we waited, chit chatting away. I really just wanted to jump on the table and threaten them with a cheese grater, but I didn't want to upset Mom. Just so ya know, Roll' N Roaster is right across the street from this place. We finally get seated at some other table, after being the only people left in the waiting area. That's just the lowest feeling right there, when everyone gets seated ahead of you even when they come later. Looking out the window, you could see Roll' N Roaster. I swear I heard it laughing at us. Then our waiter totally sucks ass. He's really slow, it takes him 30 minutes to bring me a Coke. My Italian grandfather has to start talking to him and slow him down even more, cuz he just assumes everyone speaks Italian. He didn't. Since it was a holiday, they had this small menu designed to get people in and out quickly (which worked brilliantly, by the way). It came on a scroll. I felt like I chartered the table. "I claim this table for dinner." After waiting some more, we get our food. Mine of course is the wrong order, and it's cold. And I was late for work. It was also one of these places that puts a mandatory gratuity, which is just bullshit. It's a gratuity because it is given freely, as a reward for good service. You don't tell me what the tip is gonna be. I should be able to pick my server then. How am I supposed to get back at the waiter for crappy service? I can't spit in the food and send it back. In conclusion, don't go to Il Forneto.


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