Monday, June 02, 2003

Hell in a cell I did something yesterday that I thought I'd never do. I'm not talking about rooting for Roger Clemens to get win number 300, or any dirty thoughts you might have, naughty web surfer. I got a cell phone. Though I have a hatred for cell phones and people constantly on cell phones, I think I can carry it around without looking like a total prick. It's a birthday present for myself, really. We'll see how it goes. I paid $25 for the phone, and it's a pretty nice one. I bet the guy who thought of giving out free phones is kicking himself by now. No one goes into a cellular store and says, "Nah, I don't wanna buy a phone, just bill me $40 a month for the next two years. I'll even sign a contract promising to do it." Ya gotta have the phone first. They're losing money. It doesn't have a camera in it, either, which is good. It's bad enough everyone asks you where you are on your phone. I don't have to show them. I'm always last to join a trend, if I join it at all (still haven't bought faded jeans, and proud of it). Wouldn't be surprised if everyone suddenly abandons cell phones for tin cans tied with string.


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