Saturday, August 30, 2003

Who shot J.D.? Just a tip for the kids: You gotta be careful when consuming alcohol. Anytime a night of drinking goes awry (i.e. puking), it can often be traced back to a shot of something. You could be drinking beer all night, and out of nowhere a shot is poured in front of you. You didn't plan on having a shot, but someone will come up to you and say they just gotta do a shot with you cuz you're the man and they want the honor of doing a shot with the man [Side Note: When you're drunk, a lot of people also tend to become "the man." It could be someone you just met 5 minutes ago, but you saw them do something that isn't that great but seems great cuz you're drunk. Being the man suddenly isn't so special, and you come up with other terms for those who can truly embody "the man" (see: "champion")]. So where was I? Right, the shot. Yea, the next day you'll just think to yourself, "I was doing just fine with my Heineken. What the hell happened? ....Wait, we did a shot, didn't we? Aww, damn."


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