Monday, September 29, 2003

Another lost battle Work today was a scene right out of the ol' Seinfeld playbook, particularly the episode where Kramer does the AIDS walk but doesn't want to wear the AIDS ribbon, and everyone gives him a hard time. Yea, that was me today. Suddenly at work I'm required to wear this pink button cuz of this breast cancer donation drive we're doing. Now I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone, except for people it's ok for, like bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and the band Simple Plan. But is wearing a pink button gonna find a cure? It sure ain't. How bout them scientists get a move on. Being the rebel that I sometimes pretend I to be, I try to get by without wearing it, until an overly observant customer looks at my coworkers and asks, "Where's your button?" Thanks, thanks a bunch. So now everyone's against me, asking where my button is (mainly because they don't wanna wear the damn thing either and want to pull me down with them). Eventually to my chagrin I put it on, piercing a dark hole through my white Oxford shirt/ego. Later I checked, and still no cure for cancer.


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