Saturday, September 27, 2003

Blowin' off more steam I can't stand when people at the bank I work at request the denomination of bills they want. Especially when they're withdrawing like $30 and say "Oh, can I get that in five 5's and five singles." No, you can get it the way I feel like giving it to you, which is not the way you want it. The teller drawer is not your personal change purse. Other times after a larger withdrawal, people like to say "Now I can pay my bills hardy har har." Yea, cuz we all mail cash and coins to the credit card companies. They love that. You pay all your bills online or with a check or money order, you schmuck. Another great line after being handed a bill is "I just made it." Wow, freakin hilarious. To think how silly it would be for you to tell me you just made this Federal Reserve note while handing it to me for deposit. You are quite the cut-up. Didn't I see you at the Chuckle Hut doing those jokes about airline food and 'Gilligan's Island'? Yea, I thought so.


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