Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Golden State Warriors The California recall debate was on tonight, and this was one debate that infotained like no other. What a motley crew of candidates, although Larry Flynt was for some reason not allowed to debate. I really wanted to hear his plan for education. Here are my thoughts... Tom McClintock: Probably won the debate, but lost points for having an uber creepy stare into the camera the whole time Peter Camejo: The word "super" should be used extremely rarely, as in "Superman" or "supernova." Going by this, goodbye to you and yours. Arianna Huffington: You'd almost be a decent candidate if I didn't think you were the second coming of Celine Dion. I cannot take you seriously, and I'm sure more people in the world now hate you with a passion. Cruz Bustamante: This guy has such a soothing voice. Any minute I was waiting for him to go "Ever have that not-so-fresh feeling?" But I don't know about this guy. I can already see Horatio Sanz doing him on Saturday Night Live. And of course, Arnold: They all tried to make him look ignorant, and I have to say they succeeded. His replies were usually "It's important that we have xyz" with no real answer behind it. However, he did have the Quote of the Night to Celine Huffington, scripted or not:"Your personal income is the biggest loophole; I can drive my Hummer through it."


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