Sunday, October 19, 2003

Anticlimax, anyone? The Yanks lost Game One of the World Series last night to the Marlins, 3-2. But I'm not even that excited about the World Series. The ALCS had a great matchup between two longtime rivals and ended in such dramatic fashion, and now the Yankees are playing a 10-year-old team, against which they've had a few interleague play games. And they're called the Florida Marlins. That name is soo expansion team. Beating the Red Sox will never get old. Year after year, their curse gets the best of them and the Yankees' scrappiest guy beats them with a home run or their first baseman makes the biggest error of his life, making everyone forget a good career. Like I said, year after year. Sure, Boston tries to ignore the curse with dopey rally cries like "Cowboy Up!," because we're all familiar with the thousands of cowboys who lived in Boston in the 1800's. Or they all shave their heads like they're in Little League or something. Makes you wonder if Grady Little would pack the team into his minivan after a game and take them out for Slushies.


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