Sunday, October 26, 2003

At least we beat Boston I awoke this morning with the bitter taste of defeat in my mouth, and not because of another unsuccessful night with the ladies. The Yankees lost the World Series. Again. For the second time in three years. This is tough to handle being a big Yankee fan. I'm not used to this kind of behavior, and I have breached into uncharted territory. I remember a time when they won 4 Series' in 5 years just a short time ago. Ahh, the good old days. And it had to be to scrubby expansion teams like the Marlins and Diamondbacks with historic players like Jeff Conine and Craig Counsel. At least if they lost to the Cubs it wouldn't be too bad, their fans have suffered long and it would almost be like an act of charity. But seriously, the Marlins and D'backs don't even have any real fans. No one out there is a die-hard Florida or Arizona fan and if you say you are, well, you're a liar. Florida is where old people go to die and screw up presidential elections, and Arizona is just a dryer version of Florida. How can you even root for teams whose colors are purple and teal? I just feel sorry if you do. At least all the stupid fish puns will end now. They were played out by Game 2. "Goin' fishin" and "hooked" and "out to sea" and all the other references will have to wait until the Marlins go 70-92 next year.


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