Friday, October 24, 2003

The fact is Florida has two Major League teams Here's my the lowest of my beef with the Marlins: they don't have a real stadium. In my opinion, you shouldn't start a team that doesn't have a stadium built or one in the process of being built. Pro Player is a football stadium and that's all it's good for. The outfield is ridiculous; left field has a clock that juts out on top of its poor excuse for a wall. Walls should be rectangular, this one looks like they had some extra plywood lying around and decided to go for a more retarded Green Monster. Center is about 600 feet away. Bernie Williams might have tied the game last night if the ball didn't have to hit Epcot Center to be a home run. Also, midterms and the World Series should never be held at the same time. Every major sport has its playoffs at a bad time: hockey and basketball in June, football in January. Finals are in June and midterms in January for high school students. I'm not sure about soccer though, cuz no one watches soccer in America so that wouldn't really matter. The final game could be during the SATs and it wouldn't conflict with anyone's schedule. I can't believe that league is even still around. Once again, playing in football stadiums. It just proves no one wants you here.


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