Wednesday, November 05, 2003

But should we blame it on the rain? As much as I hate talking about the weather, I'm going to. To me, it's a topic strangers feel they need to talk about because it affects everyone and it's an easy ice breaker. But I think it should only be discussed if there's a hurricane or a tornado approaching. Some rare weather phenomenon that's going to rock everyone's world so to speak. Otherwise, strangers should talk about what celebrity they hate most or describe the ugliest person they know. Something personal but not too personal where you don't think the other is a weirdo. But I digress. Back to the weather. It rained today in New York, so I'm walking home and other people's umbrellas keep hitting my umbrella. Now proper umbrella etiquette I've been told is that the taller person is supposed to raise his over the shorter's. But now umbrellas aren't small anymore. There are people walking around with these mammoth beach umbrellas with one person underneath taking up half the sidewalk. Most of these people aren't that fat, they don't need an umbrella that big. These are raindrops falling, people. Not Gatorade baths from the offensive line. How am I supposed to get around these things? Get a reasonable, single serving umbrella, or start a circus under that thing.


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