Friday, November 28, 2003

I'm Tartar Control Crest I'm really sick of all these sites out there that tell you "what kind of xyz you are." It started off simple enough, like with what 'Simpsons' character you are. But there's one for everything now; what car you are, what canned vegetable you are, what brand of toothpaste you are, etc. (I'm not sure if all those are real, but they might as well be cuz it's gotten way out of hand). Go to any other blog right now and you're bound to find a few of these on anyone's homepage in a lame attempt to acclimate them to a society they already fit like a glove into. Sure, I fit into society too. I never said I was freakin' Gandhi over here (see, there's me fitting right into Brooklyn). But I don't need to let everyone know what Powerpuff Girl I am, simply since it DOES NOT MATTER. We've accepted you already, you don't have to prove yourself to us anymore. You can relax now, you're in. Damn, look at me gettin all quasi-sociological. I need me a beverage.


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