Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The Days of Our Lives I just got back from the mechanic's since my car is eternally in the shop (it has its own private lift) and he gave me a promotional calendar with classic cars on it (it was more of a schedule letting me know how often my car will be there). Problem is all the pictures have women in or around them. And they're not women in bikinis, and I wouldn't really wanna see these women in bikinis anyway. They're kind of just standing around though in some of them, like they wandered into the shot by accident. Whatever, it was free. I put it up, doing my annual calendar changing-of-the-guard-like ceremony. It has the extra December in it, just to get me to hang it a few days early. Even has the mini calendar of each month before and after the one we're in. It's nice to be rich, huh? Wow, I wrote way to much on this dopey topic.


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