Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I like the way you move...to trial The Supreme Court decided not to get involved with Rosa Parks' new lawsuit. She's suing the rap group Outkast, not for being too stankalicious and crunktacular, but for using her name as the title of a song. I'd be flattered if a group named a song after me. It's not even about her anyway. And it's not like they named the song "Lazy Bitch on the Downtown Express." I've lost all respect for Susan B. Anthony, I mean Eleanor Roosevelt, I mean Amelia Earhart, err, whoever I'm talkin about. They've named streets and Mondays after Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr and they didn't sue anybody. Sure, they aren't alive anymore, but that's just a minor technicality. Besides, there's always some family member who's money hungry or wants some publicity or cryogenically freezes your head so he can sell your DNA to lesbian couples. And the Supreme Court's decision doesn't surprise me at all. It does a great job of being the kid who just got there and has no idea who broke the window. "I don't know, ask a lower court about this. I just got here."


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