Friday, December 12, 2003

Playing with Fire Every Christmas season, there's always a big holiday toy that every kid has to have cuz every other kid they know has it or is getting it too. This year though nothing has really taken off, and it looks like the item to have is... a fig scented candle. I kid you not. This is how far we've fallen. I'm not even gonna go into how candles do nothing to benefit us (unless you were in New York City August 14th). If you have working electricity, you're practically begging to have your house burned down cuz you wanted your living room to smell like raspberries. OK, I guess I did go into it. But getting back to that really important thing I was saying: no must have toy. They're still selling Elmo dolls to this day, however. First was Tickle Me Elmo, whose insane popularity is to blame for later spinoffs, like Chicken Dance Elmo, and now Hokey Pokey Elmo. Next year, I wonder what they'll come up with for our favorite red Sesame Street muppet...


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