Friday, January 02, 2004

Ignoring the Pink Elephant with the Fake Trunk They just aired this Michael Jackson special on CBS with all these celebrities talking about how great he is and/or was. It's more positive publicity shoved in our faces about Jacko that's not gonna adjust one viewpoint on him. We used to think he was just a great singer/dancer, but now he's a child molester/dangler. It's not gonna change. We all know he's crazy. They can go on about how cool the Moonwalk is and how he's everyone's pop idol, but that was the past. You don't see Alice from "The Brady Bunch" always saying how great she was on that show. She took that thing to the top and no one gives her credit. And all the celebs are yacking away like there wasn't a lawsuit in the world against the King of Pop. Beyonce and Quincy Jones and that tap dancer who isn't Gregory Hines are all saying how great an artist he is. All I wanted was for someone with some cogliones to be like, "And in addition to the "Thriller" video, the guy loves sleeping with children. Always used to talk about how much he can't get enough of 'em." Pure propaganda. I give it 0 stars.


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