Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Me Love You Wrong Time? I just read that a Japanese minor leaguer in the Cleveland Indians farm system did a gay porno movie because he and his college teammates needed the money. Your teammates needed the money? You played backyard bonanza with some dude so your teammates had money? If you wanna do those films then okay, but at some part your friends have to learn to get cash from their own gay pornos. I admire the dedication to your friends, though I don't think the end (no pun intended) justifies the means. There are part-time jobs out there. McDonald's is always hiring. At the end of the guy's speech (yes, he had a speech prepared about his porno), he stated he wasn't gay. That just makes everyone sleep better at night, doesn't it? It's okay to do gay porn as long as you're straight. No one's gonna think about it any longer. And in case you were wondering, as far as I know Mike Piazza was not in the movie.


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