Wednesday, January 07, 2004

"My Prison Without Bookies" by Pete Rose and Writer Guy Pete Rose finally admitted it (or at least part of it): he bet on baseball. Look at me, I'm the victim, let me in the Hall of Fame pretty please, Mr. Selig. You lied for all these years, and now you realize you better start a campaign and straighten up your act, say a few Hail Marys and you're in. Go scratch your ass, Rose. He still didn't admit to betting against his own team. If they can kick out 8 Black Sox for fixing the 1919 World Series, then Rose can sit on the bench for eternity. We might as well make a real life Hall of Shame, where Rose can be of the first inducted, along with George Steinbrenner, Michael Jordan the baseball player, that guy in the crowd who stole the foul ball away from Moises Alou in the NLCS, and Pat Kelly. C'mon, Pat Kelly sucked. And there's room for so many more.


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