Tuesday, January 20, 2004

State of the Ruin I find it difficult to watch W for a prolonged amount before I want to smash my head against the wall. During the State of the Union speech tonight when they announced "the president," I was looking behind Bush for the real Commander in Chief. Three years and I'm still not used to him. Let's just hope southern America doesn't screw us over again in November. I think this time Oklahoma has some tricks up its sleeve. But I digress. I had to flip to something pointless to take my mind off the speech, and just my luck: 3 episodes in a row of Real World! The speech is of course on every major network for some reason. UPN and the WB don't have to go there, and instead show high-quality episodes of The Hughleys or What I Like About You, perhaps. For this I salute them. So blah blah blah Medicare. Blah blah blah terrists (not a typo). Blah blah blah weapons of mass fodder. Back on RW, chicks were making out with each other. No contest here. And the camera kept cutting to not just senators and military officials, but random kids and Patriots QB Tom Brady. I thought Snoop Dogg and Pharrell from the Neptunes would to be there, too, but they must have declined the invitation. The speech was being read from those glass panels on stands, as if no one can tell that's where it's coming from. Just two paneless windows in the middle of the floor for no reason. Sneeze guards maybe. But the constant standing ovations get me the most annoyed. I expected some drunk guy in the first row wearing a 'Boston Sucks' T-shirt to stand up and lead the way. "C'mon, get up! It's the State of the Union speech!" Do do do do, do do Charge!


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