Friday, January 30, 2004

To Insolvency, And Beyond! Disney will no longer be the distributor for Pixar's movies come 2006. It looks like Pixar wanted a bigger share of the profits and corporate giant Disney was all "uh-uh." I assume Michael Eisner figured an agreement with the animation studio would cause the money to continue rolling in, and he didn't want to get wiped out in a tidal wave of cash. Steve Jobs, founder of Pixar and Apple Computer, may have even tried to release a smaller version of Mickey Mouse in neon colors to fool the public into thinking he was cooler. Also, Pixar wanted to branch into the adult film industry, which Disney didn't want any part of, the obvious reason being that if Walt Disney were alive today he would've wanted way more ass shots than Pixar was planning on. You can find "A Jug's Life" and "Finding Creamo" in select theaters next Christmas.


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