Monday, February 23, 2004

Fresh Start Today was the first workday since they changed a bunch of the subway routes, reason being that the MTA changes the routes so much anyway, they finally decided to make it official. The N going over the Manhattan Bridge has brought happiness and joy to those used to its normal molasses lined wheels. Feeling saucy, I took the N as in new home from school to try it out. I went to the 23rd Street station thinking that the N would stop there since I saw it on a new map the day before. I was wrong. It must only stop there now on weekends, holidays, and laundry days because I waited as it passed by on the express track, mocking me with its new promotion as I was stuck in the cubicle of confusion. Side note: That 23rd Street R as in rhino and W as in station has hats on the walls. Not real hats, but mosaics of hats worn by historical figures like Samuel Gompers and P.T. Barnum, with tiles below indicating their famous wearers. What the HELL is going on in the subway? I've watched crazy people and heard stories and that is the weirdest thing I've seen. The other stuff I've grown to accept, but mosaic hats? Right up there with those painted cows that were everywhere at one point. So I finally get to Union Square where I wait for the N for a good twenty minutes. Three Q as in queer trains passed and two W's. Then I got to take home the fantastic new N. Overall, the view from the bridge was nice and it's the first weekday, but my ride gets a big fat orange F as in the train I'll be taking home tomorrow.


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