Thursday, May 06, 2004

They Go Together Like Chocolate and Sand Major League Baseball has made a deal to put 'Spider-Man 2' logos on the bases during interleague games in mid-June to make some extra cash and promote the movie. I think this is a great. I mean, it's a thoughtful idea that MLB will help plug this independent film that no one has heard anything about for the last two years. 'Spider-Man 2,' or whatever it's called, sounds like it could be a good movie and I'm glad it will get the chance to show the world what it can do. After all, I don't anyone has even heard of the first 'Spider-Man' film. It probably made next to nothing at the box office, so hopefully this event will get the word out. Plus whenever I watch baseball, I'm always keeping an overhead view of the bases just in case they surprise me with a logo of some kind one night. Now it appears that my efforts will be worthwhile on June 11-13. But seriously, they did this to attract young kids to baseball. The same kids who at baseball games are sleeping and concentrating solely on eating ice cream in a little helmet. I guess the mascots, promotional giveaways, and souvenir balls are not cutting the mustard.


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