Friday, July 02, 2004

Clone College Part II

At all the Cyclones home games this year there's a promotion where a player on the other team is chosen and if he strikes out three times, everyone in the crowd wins a small pizza. This may not seem very exciting, but that's because you've never come so close to free pizza before. The guy picked for last night's game struke out in his first two at-bats. After that, something came over the crowd. It no longer cared for getting this guy out unless it was by strikeout. The game took a back seat to counting when the "K-Man," as he was called, would be up next. Even the announcer was chanting "We want pizza." There was no more baseball game, only free pizza to be won. In his next two at-bats, he came close but hit the ball in play. With the Cyclones down by one in the 9th, they tied it up on a wild pitch. In the 10th, with two outs, the batter in front of the K-Man was intentionally walked! Oh what luck! Another shot at free pizza! It was as if the players needed that pizza as well, and were willing to walk people if necessary. But a ground ball to short ended our chances. Dreams were broken, stomachs remained growling. After that I left.


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