Sunday, September 12, 2004

Don't Introduce Me

It's so hard to find a Flash site these days with no intro page. I mean, who needs a freakin intro page? If I found your site, there's a good chance I have some idea of it and even if I don't there's an "FAQ" or "about us" page somewhere to clue me in. And they always put the "skip intro" button in the corner and half the time you can't read it because of a weird Flash font it's in. The worst is when you're constantly going to that site and you have to watch the intro every time, or you keep shitting your pants when the intro music you forget about comes on. Flash sites are way more annoying anywho. It's like a guy buying a fast car to make up for his lack of manhood. This site is all HTML, ladies. Think about that.


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