Monday, September 20, 2004

White Trash Wedding

Britney Spears got married on Saturday to backup dancer Kevin Federline, and if there's anything here to learn from Jennifer Lopez it's that marriages to backup dancers always last forever and ever. Britney still trails J.Lo 3-2. She wore a white dress and he wore a very elegant wife beater tuxedo. Afterwards, 20-30 guests dined on such delicacies as chicken fingers and ribs. Not to knock those choice foods, but I can see why only 20-30 people would show up for that. She's got money, she can afford something a little better on her wedding day. Perchance something from the McDonald's Dollar Menu or a few bags of Cheese Doodles. I guess she'll save that for her next wedding. You gotta hand it to Federline, though. He seems like a total deutsche bag, but he'll divorce her soon and get a nice payday. He's smarter than we think, y'all.


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