Monday, November 01, 2004

Is the World a Better Place With George W. Bush in Power?

Tomorrow is the big day, the one we've been hearing about relentlessly for about a year. Hopefully, the swing states swing towards Special K, Florida doesn't fuck up, and Bush doesn't rig the election again. A tall order, I know, but if we get stuck with Dubya for four more years we'll be kicking ourselves for sure. Those of you who are undecided, the all-important question is, "Are we better off now than four years ago?," and the answer is a resounding "no." We've got this huge burden of fixing up Iraq, jobs are in the shitter (I know from first-hand experience), and a dick president who gives his friends tax cuts in a mountain high bracket. Plus, the younger generation will have to foot the bill for these senior drug benefits. Bush wants people to think we'll be safe with him but in reality it's just the opposite. Over 1,000 of our own troops have died to free Iraq's oil reserves and they don't even have ample equipment. Is that safe? All this in only 4 years. Let's kick this clown off the stage like he was R. Kelly.


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