Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Throw Out Your Trees!

Well Christmas has finally passed, and I'm glad. We've been looking at decorations and crap since September and now we can go back to living our lives. You know, those other 8 months of the year where it isn't Christmas and we can celebrate other holidays without Santa and Co. being in the rear-view mirror. In a few days it will be New Year's Eve, the greatest excuse to drink because, well, "2006 is gonna kick ass." It probably won't, and everything will be a huge disappointment, but hey, we can drink the year's problems away next NYE. And I'm glad to say I won't be going to one of these overpriced, overcrowded, underbartended places in the city that charges $125 a head for a few hours of open bar. There's little chance I would spend $125 on drinks just for myself in one night and within the time alotted, and it's hard enough to get one when there are like 2 bartenders for the entire joint, so it's definitely a lose/lose situation.


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