Tuesday, March 28, 2006

24 Day 5: 9-10 PM

Good episode last night. What struck me as odd was that Audrey didn't seem to mind that Jack choked her during interrogation, but he did kill her husband so I guess she's numb to that sort of thing. They ended up kissing later, so there you go. Jack managed to break Stenger in a matter of seconds this time (the things people will say when there's a gun in their face) and found out the nerve gas would be released into gas pipelines. Fast forward to the distribution center being blown up (preventing the gas from emanating into people's homes) and Jack dragging Beirko into a stolen police car as debris rained down on them. My guess is Jack is alive and Bierko is either dead or taken into custody, leaving the rest of the season to find Henderson. There's also the Wayne Palmer business and a another mole in the White House. Plus we'll see if Buchanon is put in holding again (it's like a rite of passage at CTU) on false sexual harrassment charges by that new girl.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

24 Day 5: 8-9 PM

I'm a little upset that Jack doesn't try to break anyone as hard as he used to. He would get them in a room and just hound them until he got the info out of them that he wanted. I think the only person he's broken this year was Spencer, and that was hardly a challenge. He couldn't break Rossler or Henderson or Collette Stenger and he didn't even try to break the German spy last night. He's negotiating left and right. Kick some ass! Now he's gotta break Audrey...

Monday, March 06, 2006

24 Day 5: 5 PM-7 PM

Some big problems for CTU after tonight's latter episode: a lockdown after a nerve gas canister is released into the ventilation system and Edgar failed to make it into one of the sealed off rooms. I gotta admit I'll miss him. His incessant lisp was annoying at first but I grew to accept it and he was a big part of CTU (no pun intended). It seemed there were only two analysts who did any work and now it'll just be Chloe. Not sure what happened to Spencer at this point. Did he die or make it out or was he already removed from the premises? This show moves too fast to remember details. Plus they showed the X-Men 3 trailer during commercials. Looks pretty cool.