Sunday, January 14, 2007

24: Day 6, 6-8 AM

I can finally start watching good prime time television again -24 is finally back! Tonight's first half of the two-night premiere didn't introduce us to the main attack of the day but allowed us to catch up on what's happened since Jack was hauled away but those angry Chinamen:
  • Wayne Palmer, David's brother, is now the president and suddenly has a sister
  • The country has been hit by several suicide bombings over the last 11 weeks and is creating prejudice towards Muslims
  • Jack was bought out of prison by President Palmer so he could be exchanged for the disclosure of a terrorist's location
  • Taj from Van Wilder is a terrorist, but if he might lay it all down for a few White Castle sliders
  • Karen Hayes, now a National Security advisor, and Bill Buchanon, still head of CTU, are married
  • Morris is again working at CTU and dating Chloe
  • Twenty months have passed since Day 5
No Audrey or Kim yet and there are several new faces working at CTU (since most people were killed off last season during a chemical attack). I don't buy Wayne Palmer as president. He looks too young and possibly benefited in the election by looking similar to Dave Chappelle, whom pretty much everyone loves. He also had a hand in taking down the corrupt President Logan. Since his brother was president, he was someone the public could trust. Here I am justifying a fake election result. Two more hours air tomorrow at 8.



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