Monday, January 15, 2007

24: Day 6, 8-10 AM

A nuke went off and Jack shot Curtis. Nukes don't usually go off so early in the season, but there are still four others out there that Jack will have to find. They're likely all in the LA area just because Jack's there. It wouldn't have happened if that idiot hadn't brought the terrorists the missing piece. There's always a missing piece, isn't there, and only one guy who knows how to install it? Curtis keeled over after he was shot but there was no official word that he was dead, so there's a chance he could still be alive and be back out in the field later in the day. He had a personal vendetta against Assad going back to the first Gulf War and was ready to kill him, so Jack had to step in. Afterward, he vomited and lay in shock at what he had done to his friend. Creepy Lord of the Rings-ish music played and then a mushroom cloud pierced the sky.


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