Tuesday, February 06, 2007

24: Day 6, 12 PM-1 PM

They kidnapped Morris! Fayed, needing someone to arm the nukes, sends CTU a bulletin saying Morris' brother was in the hospital. Not a minute after he leaves does his face show up on a de-encrypted file as the guy Fayed has to capture. McCarthy cuts off Morris' car and kidnaps him. I'm not sure why CTU didn't trace the source of the bulletin. Do they subscribe to news updates from The Onion, too? After killing Graem's goons, Jack and his dad, Phillip, meet CTU agents at Graem's place. Jack tortures his brother with chemicals via IV, who admits to setting up the assassination of President Palmer I, Tony, and Michelle. Jack nearly shoots Graem in the head when he hears this, but seeing his dad there calms him down. Jack then gets picked up by a helicopter. Later it's revealed that Graem and Phillip (or should I call him "Mr. Bauer"?) are still in cahoots. Bauer the Elder then injects a poison into the still-hooked-up IV and kills Graem. This was so he wouldn't have to worry about his son cracking under further interrogation at CTU. Phillip alerts the medical staff that his son's "had a seizure." Sure, the IV could've been the first thing removed, but left open the door for additional mischief. Two hours next week, starting at 8 instead of 9. Oh yeah, and Walid's stable.


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