Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Lunion

Can't say I was impressed at all with the State of the Union speech. Bush didn't say anything new, as usual. Stay the course, eat your greens, blah, blah, blah. This time, though, he was interrupted several times by standing ovations. I did like when he mentioned how his Social Security reform plan was shot down and the Democrats gave him a standing "o." He then said something along the lines that we still have a problem with SS and the Republicans cheered. "Yay, the system is faulty!" "Hooray, our children are screwed!" So yeah, good comeback, GOP. He also talked more about lowering US dependency on oil. It would be interesting if Iraq was actually going well, then he'd be all "Screw hydrogen cells! Oil forever!" But I guess now he realizes how much money a war costs, and it's not so worth it anymore.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Let's Hope Dante Took Some Acting Classes Over the Last Decade

Clerks II From what I can gather from a simple teaser trailer, this doesn't look so good. Ok, it's in color, but it doesn't have that low-budget aura about it that contributed to the first one. This looks like another Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. And the characters are working at Mooby's now? How sad. Plus, one thing that made the original Clerks better than the other Kevin Smith movies: no Ben Affleck. But hey, it's only a teaser, so I've probaly surmised too much already.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's Just Like Brown vs. Board of Education

Looks like the WB and UPN will cease operations and form a new network in September called CW. Some programs from both channels will be aired on the new one. This is great, because now when I want to see what crappy shows they normally put on two stations, I'll only have to look at one. It makes my life that much simpler.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Don't Blame the Messenger, Blame His Source

Turns out the object in Starbucks wasn't a bomb at all, just a flashlight casing. Through a game of press telephone or something it was reported that the bomb could've caused a small explosion and was detonated by the bomb squad. So you can keep drinking the frappuccinos; no one is trying to hurt you. Still, this is extremely worrisome that the media could destort such a simple story and not get the facts straight (assuming it wasn't part of a large scale goverment/corporate cover-up). It's as if it's happened before...

"Latifah" is Swahili for "Fat Ass"

Who made the decision in Hollywood that Queen Latifah was sexy? The woman is a whale. And in her latest movie her love interest is LL Cool J? Yeah, that's plausible. I mean, I'm not one who finds these boney women in fashion shows attractive, being that I don't like women's heads on 11-year-old boys' bodies. However, she's been in the public eye a lot lately with great movies like Beauty Shop and Taxi, and she's talented, but she's not someone who would draw me to a movie as the sexy main character (sidenote: twenty-something white boys are not her target demographic anyway).

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hot Dog in a Hallway

Apparently a bomb was found at a Starbucks in San Francisco and disarmed. I'm not sure if blowing up one Starbucks would be much of a statement. Maybe if you blew up like 30 in a day it would be something, but one? Big deal, right? At least no one was hurt. Blood and frappuccino don't mix well.