Sunday, February 19, 2006

Crossing Over

Although Lindsey Jacobellis totally screwed up her chance at Olympic gold in snowboard cross, something positive for her sport has erupted: everyone is talking about it, and everyone seems to love it. Even my grandfather. It looks like great fun assuming you don't fly out of a turn and get carried off on a stretcher. I think it's appeal lies in the inheritant danger of seeing four people snowboarding at once down a course laden with hills, turns, and gaits and hoping that they all crash and tumble down in a mass of snow and brightly colored singlets. It brings out my inner redneck. I've been told there are usually six snowboarders at once, which sounds even better. Hell, put 12 guys out there. It can only raise the entertainment value (translation: chances of serious injury).

Sunday, February 12, 2006

And His Daughter's a Lesbo!

Dick Cheney has apparently shot one of his buddies by accident during a hunting trip in Texas. He visited the guy in the hospital, so I guess he was sort of sorry. I can't really imagine what Cheney would look like when he's apologetic. He probably just makes that smarmy half-smile as he lights his cigar with a burning c-note.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

They're Actually Mad That All the Virgins Are Gone

Are Mideast Muslims upset because that Danish paper published a picture of Muhammed, or because he had a bomb in his turbin and it's offensive? Sadly, I think it's just the former. Yes, I've read up on it, but how many articles about angry Muslims can you read in a lifetime? Their whole day is protests and prayers.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bore XL

Worst ads during the game Sunday: -That Hummer commercial with the monster and robot because it made me think what it would be like for a monster and robot to have sex. -The way over done Burger King Broadway-style commercial. It wasn't funny and lost me with that creepy King. I keep seeing a lot of reviews saying they liked it, which makes me question the intelligence of humanity. -The spot seemed extremely dated. They couldn't try something new but rehash last year's. -The Diet Pepsi ones with Puffy were dumb, too. In fact, a lot of the commercials were pretty bad. Almost as bad as the game itself.