Monday, January 29, 2007

24: Day 6, 11 AM-12 PM

More drama (since this is a drama) - Jack and his dad are taken hostage by his brother and his goons, Karen Hayes resigned after being blackmailed by Lennox, and Walid was beat up after the other men in the concentration camp found out he was wearing a wire. The Jack vs. Graem battle should be good, although in the preview for next week Graem was back in the chair in his house tied up my Jack again. The previews always ruin the tension; they should just stop showing them, or I should just change the channel. Sandra Palmer is definitely getting on my nerves. She's overacting and her character is annoying.

Monday, January 22, 2007

24: Day 6, 10-11 AM

So now it's a family affair. The head of President Logan's secret brain trust winds up being Jack's brother. Interesting. Jack's AWOL father is also a contact of a USSR nuke specialist with ties to Fayed. More interesting. The hour ended with Jack draping a plastic bag over his brother's face after he tying him to a chair, prodding his bro for the location of their dear old dad. Oh yeah, nuclear fallout, blah blah blah.

Monday, January 15, 2007

24: Day 6, 8-10 AM

A nuke went off and Jack shot Curtis. Nukes don't usually go off so early in the season, but there are still four others out there that Jack will have to find. They're likely all in the LA area just because Jack's there. It wouldn't have happened if that idiot hadn't brought the terrorists the missing piece. There's always a missing piece, isn't there, and only one guy who knows how to install it? Curtis keeled over after he was shot but there was no official word that he was dead, so there's a chance he could still be alive and be back out in the field later in the day. He had a personal vendetta against Assad going back to the first Gulf War and was ready to kill him, so Jack had to step in. Afterward, he vomited and lay in shock at what he had done to his friend. Creepy Lord of the Rings-ish music played and then a mushroom cloud pierced the sky.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

24: Day 6, 6-8 AM

I can finally start watching good prime time television again -24 is finally back! Tonight's first half of the two-night premiere didn't introduce us to the main attack of the day but allowed us to catch up on what's happened since Jack was hauled away but those angry Chinamen:
  • Wayne Palmer, David's brother, is now the president and suddenly has a sister
  • The country has been hit by several suicide bombings over the last 11 weeks and is creating prejudice towards Muslims
  • Jack was bought out of prison by President Palmer so he could be exchanged for the disclosure of a terrorist's location
  • Taj from Van Wilder is a terrorist, but if he might lay it all down for a few White Castle sliders
  • Karen Hayes, now a National Security advisor, and Bill Buchanon, still head of CTU, are married
  • Morris is again working at CTU and dating Chloe
  • Twenty months have passed since Day 5
No Audrey or Kim yet and there are several new faces working at CTU (since most people were killed off last season during a chemical attack). I don't buy Wayne Palmer as president. He looks too young and possibly benefited in the election by looking similar to Dave Chappelle, whom pretty much everyone loves. He also had a hand in taking down the corrupt President Logan. Since his brother was president, he was someone the public could trust. Here I am justifying a fake election result. Two more hours air tomorrow at 8.